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23 Nov 2016

In a fast changing world, where the world is witnessing rapid technological change, digital education has turned out to be the new age literacy where knowing to read and write is just not enough. Coding is the new language of the world and in this digitally advanced age, nearly every kind of occupation demands some level of computer literacy for overall success. It is beginning to be the key to a secured future.

With introduction of programming for kids Singapore envisions a brighter, smarter and secure nation by pushing young minds to be logically and technically equipped so that they do not run out of career options.

Now, some may think that teaching kids coding and programming at such a young age may not be a wise option. They could always opt for that later. However, it is worth to note that young minds are able to grasp languages more quickly as their minds are young and flexible and hence take less time than older minds to understand things.

Moreover, it is not just coding but also the need to be apt in logical based thinking that one needs to be equipped with. Coding is a very powerful skill and just like, arts, craft or music, it could be fun too! It is a unique way of unleashing your child’s creative mind by creating and adding things to apps and games that they learn to create with their virtually endless imagination.

In kids learning center Singapore has risen in popularity and as such many programming  schools have been opened and in fact most of them which were earlier limited to weekend batches have gone for full time summer holiday programs so as to equip more number of students.

One such school we came across is SG Code Campus where they have different programming courses like Scratch, App Inventor and Python, which are being taught according to age. They make programming fun like any other game or activity which makes it easy to grasp and learn.

Learning such programming languages is not only a weapon for their future in terms of career but also how to succeed in life in general. It helps to develop logical  and critical thinking skills and instill a never give up attitude that comes from problem solving processes that teaches them how to solve a bigger unfathomable tasks by breaking it into smaller and manageable tasks. This is a very powerful skill that can equip children to withstand major challenges in life.

You learn to think step by step to get closer to your goals. Learning coding instills in the ability to innovate, create and think out of the box. And you will agree with me, such skills will never let you down on your path to success.

So, don’t delay any longer. Just learning to use the smartphone and tablet is not enough. In this tech ruled world, coding is the expertise that every employer seeks for. So, don’t leave your child behind. And what more, it is the best way to spend the summer holidays, learn and have tonnes of fun along the way.



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