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06 Oct 2017
Nowadays the kids seem to be smarter than the youths. The things which a 5-year-old kid can do, is pretty difficult for a 17-year-old teenager. It’s not a joke, as it has been observed a number of times. In Singapore, the kids below 10 years have the capability to code highly complicated programmes, whereas the teenagers are still in the basic phase of coding knowledge.

The reputed Kids learning center Singapore understood the interest and rising needs of the kids, and accordingly have designed necessary coding classes. The organisations have hired the best trainers in order to ensure appropriate training to the kids. Practically, it is very difficult to teach the coding concepts and terms to the kids, but the experienced trainers...

23 Nov 2016

In a fast changing world, where the world is witnessing rapid technological change, digital education has turned out to be the new age literacy where knowing to read and write is just not enough. Coding is the new language of the world and in this digitally advanced age, nearly every kind of occupation demands some level of computer literacy for overall success. It is beginning to be the key to a secured future.

With introduction of programming for kids Singapore envisions a brighter, smarter and secure...

12 Oct 2016